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Chemical Engineering

Diploma in Chemical Engineering ( DCE )   

Minimum Qualification Mode Total Course Fee
10th with experience Year I Rs. 15,900/-
Subjects Covered :
1.Engg. Mechanics 2.Engg. Drawings 3.Strength of Materials
4.Chemical Engineering 5.Principles & Calculations 6. Computer

Diploma in Chemical Engineering ( DCE )   

Minimum Qualification Mode Total Course Fee
10th /ITI with experience 3 years/Semester Rs. 35,900/-
Subjects Covered :
Semester-1 Semester-2 Semester-3
1.Communication English 1.Applied Mathematics II 1. Chemical Engineering-I
2. Applied Mathematics 2.Engineering Physics II 2. Principle & Calculations-1
3.Engineering Physics I 3.Engineering Chemistry II 3.Heat Transfer – Thermodynamics
4. Engineering Chemistry I 4. Applied Engineering Graphics 4.Computers-1
Semester-4 Semester-5 Semester-6
1.Chemical Engineering-II 1.Chemical Reaction engineering-II 1.Chemical Reaction Engineering-II
2.Chemical Reaction Engineering-I 2.Environmental Engineering-1 2.Environmental Engineering-II
3. Transport Process I 3.Engineering Drawings-I 3. Engineering Drawings-II
4. Polymer Science-I 4.Polymer Science-II 4.Project

 Bachelor in Chemical Engineering (B.E)

Minimum Qualification Mode Total Course Fee
12th with (PCM) experience
Note:(For Diploma holder lateral entry Fee Rs. 2000/-)
4 years/Semester Rs. 45,900/-
Subjects Covered :
Semester-1 Semester-2 Semester-3
1.General Management 1.Engineering Mechanics-II 1. Engineering Mechanics-III
2. Engineering Mechanics-I 2.Engineering Designs-II 2. Engineering Designs-III
3.Engineering Designs-I 3.Strength of Materials-II 3.Strength of Materials-III
4. Strength of Materials-I 4. Chemical Engineering-I 4.Chemical Engineering-II
Semester-4 Semester-5 Semester-6
1.Chemical Engineering-III 1.Principle & Calculations-II 1.Principle & Calculations-III
2.Principle & Calculations-I 2.Heat Transfer Thermodynamics-II 2.Polymer Science-II
3. Heat Transfer Thermodynamics -I 3.Computers-II 3. Chemical Reaction Engineering-I
4. Computers-1 4.Polymer Science-I 4.Transport Process I
Semester-7 Semester-8  
1.Chemical Reaction engineering-II 1.Engineering Drawings-II  
2.Transport Process-II 2.Chemical Reaction Engineering-III  
3.Environmental Engineering-I 3. Environmental Engineering-II  
4.Engineering Drawings-I 4.Group Project  

Post Graduate Diploma in Chemical Engineering ( PGDCE )

Minimum Qualification Mode Total Course Fee
Graduation or Equivalent with experience. 2 years/Semester Rs.38,900/-
Subjects Covered :
Semester-1 Semester-2 Semester-3
1. Engg. Mechanics – I 1. Principles & Calculations 1.Chemical Reaction Engg -I
2. Engg. Drawings-I 2.Heat Transfer -1 2.Transport Process -I
3.Strength of Materials -I 3.Thermodynamics 3.Engg. Mechanics- II
4.Chemical Engineering 4.Polymer Sc. 4.Engg. Drawings -II
1.Strength of Materials -II    
2.Chemical Reaction Engg.-II    
3.Transport Process-II    
4.Heat Transfer-II    

Master In Engineering (Chemical ) M.E

Minimum Qualification Mode Total Course Fee
B.E(Chemical). 2 years/Semester Rs. 51,900/-
Subjects Covered :    
Semester-1 Semester-2 Semester-3
1.Engg. Management 1.Chemical Engineering I 1.Polymer Science
2. Engg. Mechanics 2. Principles & Calculations 2.Chemical Reaction Engg.
3. Engg. Drawings 3.Heat Transfer Thermodynamics I 3.Transport Process
4.Strength of Materials 4. Fundamentals of Computers 4. Environmental Engineering
1.Thermodynamics II    
2. Chemical Engineering II    
3.Engg Mechanics-II    
4.Power Generation-II