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National Institute of Business Management & Technology

Admissions Started to NIBMT

NIBMT has invited applications towards its various MBA courses. The courses offer.....

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Welcomes New Students to NIBMT

welcome to new students who have joined to NIBMT.....

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About :- National Institute of Business Management & Technology

National Institute of Business Management & Technology brings together world wide accepted courses under the aegis of NIBMT education foundation registered with  Govt. of Delhi, India. It is also NS-EN ISO 9001:2008 certified by KVQA, India and NORSK Accreditation of Norway for being a 'Quality Training provider for Business Management.' NIBMT is also a member of AIMS-ATMA (Association of Indian Management Schools). NIBMT is Founded by a team of great educationist. Being innovative adds value to our graduates' education and training, which gives them the extra edge and ultimately increases their employability. NIBMT strives to train and develop talented students and budding professionals with intense focus on Technological development and career grooming. 


We at NIBMT :-



1  To assist industries, business enterprises and other organizations in solving their problems and improving their functioning.

2 To interact with the industries to further the management movement and facilitate the development of the region

3 To provide for and promote educational training in various fields of professional management and strive to be a Centre of excellence.

4 To carry out conceptual and applied research in fields relevant to the development of industries and organizations of the region and of the management profession and management education.

At NIBMT , we mostly dream. We dream of a developed India, where professionalism would hold ways everywhere. We dream of making our youths excel in global corporate environment. We shall continue making our contribution towards Northeast's resurgence.