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Computer Engineering

Diploma in Computer Engineering ( DCE )

Minimum Qualification Mode Total Course Fee
10th with experience Year I Rs. 15900/-
Subjects Covered :
1. Fundamentals of Computing 2.Computer Application 3.Database Management Systems
4. Software Engineering 5.Object Oriented Programming 6.Computer Network

 Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCE)

Minimum Qualification Mode Total Course Fee
10th with experience
Note :For I.T.I Diploma holder lateral entry Fee Rs. 2000
Year 3/ Semester Rs. 35900/-
Subjects Covered :
Semester-1 Semester-2 Semester-3
1. Communication English 1.Applied Mathematics II 1.Applied Mathematics
2. Applied Mathematics 2.Engineering Physics II 2.C & Data Structure
3.Engineering Physics I 3.Engineering Chemistry II 3.Microprocessor
4.Engineering Chemistry I 4.Applied 4. Basics of Elect & Electronic Engineering.
Semester-4 Semester-5 Semester-6
1.Computer Architecture 1.Computer Networks 1.Multimedia.
2.Web Design 2. RDBMS 2.Dot Net C#
3.Java Programming 3.C++ 3.Mobile Computing
4.Software Engineering 4.Embedded System 4.Project.

Bachelor in Computer Engineering (B.E)

Minimum Qualification Mode Total Course Fee
12th with (PCM) experience
 Fee Rs. 2000
Year 4/ Semester Rs. 45900/-
Subjects Covered :
Semester-1 Semester-2 Semester-3
1. Fundamentals of Computing and Programming 1.Engg. Graphics 1. Engineering Mathematics
2. Computer Application – I 2.Computer Net. -I 2.Database Management Systems II
3.Internet 3.Computer App.– II 3.Data Structures
4.Database Management Systems I 4. Oracle 9i 4.Computer Architecture
Semester-4 Semester-5 Semester-6
1.Operating Systems 1.Microprocessor and Microcontrollers I 1.Web Technology I
2.Software Engineering I 2. Principles of Compiler Design 2.Object Oriented Programming
3.Digital System Design 3.Soft Computing 3.Software Engineering II
4. Visual Basic 4.Electrical Engineering 4.Microprocessor and Microcontrollers II
Semester-7 Semester-8
1.Computer Networks -II 1.Advanced Database Management
2. Java Programming 2. Advanced Java Programming
3.Web Technology II 3. Computer Graphics
4. TCP/IP 4.ASP.Net & C Sharp

Master In Engineering (Computer) M.E

Minimum Qualification Mode Total Course Fee
B.E(Computer) Year 2/ Semester Rs. 51900/-
Subjects Covered : Computer Network
Semester-1 Semester-2 Semester-3
1. Computer Network 1.Computer Network 1. Computer Architecture
2. Operating Systems 2.C++ 2.Network Security
3.Advance Concept Of DBMS 3. Multimedia 3.ASP.Net & C Sharp
4.Web Technology 4. Data Communication 4.Software Engineering
Computer Graphics
Software Project Management    
Major Project